«Change your mind - your life will change»

On October 30, the opening of the motivational book exhibition “Change your mind - your life will change” took place.

Each book is a storehouse of tips and techniques that will open up a world of limitless possibilities and prospects. These inspirational works will definitely broaden readers’ horizons, and may change their outlook on life. These books have helped thousands of people and deserve to take pride of place in our library. The book exhibition consists of several blocks: “Think and Grow Rich”; "Great thoughts"; "Make yourself"; “Startup without a budget” and "Successful child."

The exhibition was opened by the head of the Department of Culture, Language Development and Archival Affairs E. Dauenov.

Speakers presented books in three languages. The exhibition was attended by amazing guests who changed their lives for the better. Chairman of the “Asyl Ana” Public Foundation A. Kusainov, “Kazakh Aruy – 2019” S. Temerkhanova, Trainer of the Chess Academy “Future Millionaires” A. Zhanshukov, Director of “Landscape Design” LLP and “Best Entrepreneur – 2015” A. Chashin, famous photographer O. Pukas, businessman E. Abdaraimov, assistant teacher of InEU Dang Duong shared their tips, recommendations on how to choose the right books for successful self-development and talked about books that inspire and helped them in life.